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Marble relief of Dionysos accompanied by a panther

2nd Century A.D.

Photographed by Roloff Beny

The world man knows, the world in which he has settled himself so securely and smugly—that world is no more. The turbulence which accompanied the arrival of Dionysos has swept it away. Everything has been transformed. But it has not been transformed into a charming fairy story or into an ingenuous child’s paradise. The primeval world has stepped into the foreground, the depths of reality have been opened, the elemental forms of everything that is creative, everything that is destructive, have arisen, bringing with them infinite rapture and infinite terror. The innocent picture of a well-ordered routine world has been shattered by their coming, and they bring with them no illusions or fantasies, but truth.

~Walter F. Otto, “Dionysos: Myth and Cult,” 1933.

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A woman being tattooed, early 1900s.

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Hartmann Schedel, Die Schedelsche Weltchronik, [Michel Wolgemut und Wilhelm Pleydenwurff], Nürnberg, 1493.

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Gamelan instruments, Royal Palaces, Ubud, Bali.

The vibration of dissonances is one of most powerfull characteristics of Balinese gamelan music. These instruments are particular metallophones played in pairs and tuned to generate dissonances for the sympathetic vibration.

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Jake and Dinos Chapman


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The Sum of all Evil (2012-2013) by Jack & Dinos Chapman.

Courtesy Serpentine Gallery.

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Jack and Dinos Chapman - Mc Donald’s Hell

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Charles Baudelaire, Les fleurs du mal, Paris: Michel Lévy frères, 186869
Painted cuir-ciselé panel inset on upper cover based on frontispiece by Félicien Rops for Les épaves

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